In The Beginning...

After much thought, (and by much, I mean about 3 days and a facebook post) I've decided to start a cooking blog. I'm no Sarah Green, but I like to cook, and I've been doing alot of it lately. I don't have fancy cooking tools, cuisine training, or the ability to create unique recipes, but I do have a winning attitude.


I can appreciate the possibility that a month from now I'll be back to work and too busy to post. I'm also aware that I could very well be the only person to read this. My facebook poll of whether or not I should start a cooking blog resulted in three answers:
1. Do it!
2. Do it because I want to contribute!
3. Have you seen the preview for Julie & Julia? (And yes Brookes, I have. It looks GREAT!)

I suppose that 3 out of 353 people indicates that the success of this blog is highly unlikely. So with a 1/117 success rate (yes I used a calcuator to figure that), maybe I do have a winning attitude. Hopefully if I go in with very low expectations, I'll be at least marginally surprised.

So as I close my first entry, I will make a shameless plea to add me to your RSS, put me on your list of links, or do something to remind yourself to check in on occasion.

Sink or Swim? Swim, I hope. ; )


Brookes Eiler said...

I will tell you that I'm joining your blog because I like to read what you write. You have lots of voice in your writing!! :) Seriously!!

Seriously, I have never considered myself a good cook. I can cook a few things well from a recipe. I want to be like my sister (or anyone I think is a great cook) who can cook wonderful, delicious food just using her head. She throws this and that together, maybe stuff that happens to be in the fridge, and it's soo good! I want to be like that. Or at least to have a signature dish that my kids will say, "I loved mom's...whatever. I just wish I'd learned how to make it the way she does."

I will tell you that I picked up the Ladies Home Journal today at the grocery store because it has an article in it about Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. I haven't read it yet, but one thing I did see was how Streep noted that Julia Child didn't become Julia Child, the chef, until she was 50. So... maybe there's hope for me!! :)

Bon Apetit (is that how you spell it?! :))

Amy said...

Thanks Brookes! Usually when I cook, I start with a recipe and then "improve" it (hopefully). I've cooked a few good things lately, so hopefully the blog will go well!

kjm1115 said...

I'm excited!! (Encouraging winning attitude)

It also made me happy for you when I saw that you already had 2 comments on your first post...and one of them was yours :) HAHA!

Amy said...

Thanks Kel! Now I have 4 comments!

Brookes Eiler said...

Would you be interested in taking a cooking class or going to a cooking school restaurant sometime? There's Le Cordon Bleu student-run restaurant (Dawn's son is in school there) where you can get a 3-course meal for $35. Central Market has lots of classes, depending on your interests. Let me know. I'd love to try out some new foods/cooking techniques!

Amy said...

Totally! That would be really fun. Is the think at Central Market like a one time Saturday class? I would love to do that sometime. Deborah's sister Sarah just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and I'd love to go check out their restaurant sometime. =D

Sarah G said...

The school restaurant is fun, just call ahead and check the pricing and get a reservation! If you go for lunch it's only $14 for a 3 course. But call ahead to double check.

Amy I love the fact that you've become a much braver cook. Braver in the sense that I hear you talking about changing recipes to fit the flavor profile that you desire. Keep it up! And never be afraid to change something up. The worst that happens is something doesn't come out quite right and you try again next time...or your mistake ends up being even tastier than you imagined.