Happy Easter!

I didn't get to do much cooking over Christmas, so I wanted to make sure and show/tell you what I cooked/ate over Easter weekend. I started out with the assignment to make a "lemony cake" for the Easter potluck I was going to at church. After making lemon curd a couple of weeks back, I was grateful to stumble across thisrecipe, thanks to recipegirl.

I used my lemon curd, made the cake from scratch, and even whipped the cream myself! It was fun and the cake turned out SO well. I was a little nervous about it sitting in my car during church with the whipped cream on top, but it served up really well, although the texture got a bit weird, which I think you can kind of see in the photos.

Here it is sliced up.

Once it was sliced into, you could see the layers..... yum!

As you can tell, the whipped cream looked much better when it was still fresh from the fridge at my house.

Sink or swim? Swim! It was great that I already had homemade lemon curd (what are the odds?) for me to start from. It was super satisfying and creamy and lemony at the same time, and it got tons of complements. Way to go recipegirl!

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