Working Backwards

Well, it's been....a bit.

I've been cooking and photoing, but I haven't been faithfully blogging. (I did warn you this could happen.)

I cooked ALOT over Thanksgiving (in fact, too much). And because I had to have surgery right after Christmas, I didn't get to do very much fun cooking over the Christmas break either.

But onward and upward! I have the photos, I have the memory of the food, and so I am going to ATTEMPT to resume blogging-BACKWARD!

We'll start with dinner tonight-

Say it with me now.....YUM!

This is one of my old standbys. I do a variation of this from time to time when I have one of those nights that I don't feel like cooking anything. Great comfort food.

Sarah made something similar a few years ago and called it a Pepperad Sauce. Google isn't returning any useful results about what makes up a traditional Pepperad, but here's what I made tonight.

I started with olive oil, garlic, and anchovy paste in the pan. Chopped up a red bell pepper and let it sweat. Usually I do some onions too, but I was out of onions today.

When the red peppers were well on their way, I quartered some mushrooms and threw those in. Once they were most of the way done, I put in some kalamata olives (yum!) and some spinach. Normally I like to use basil, but I didn't have any tonight, and the spinach was great in there. The spinach needs an extra eye- it just needs to be in there long enough to heat through- if you leave it in too long it wilts too far and ends up being cooked spinach. blech.

I put it in with whole wheat pasta. Normally I like to put in some ricotta cheese, but I had none. (Okay, I'm starting to notice a pattern here....) So I put in a little bit of cream cheese. Same effect....a bit of creaminess in with the pasta and veggies!

The broken down sweet red peppers and the tart olives and all of it combined is awesome. This is why it's a go-to. I usually have the stuff laying around the house. And as you can tell, if you don't have everything, you can swap it out with other stuff.

Sink or swim- always a swim, and hard to mess up!

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Kristin said...

Looks good, minus the anchovy paste.=)